About Sanjay Deshpande…

Sanjay Deshpande is one of the leading Sitar players of the younger generation. He had his training in Hindustani classical music from late Pt. Vishnupant Dharmadhikari who was an Esraj player from Gwalior Gharana. He has been performing Hindustani classical music on Sitar since 1979.

Sanjay is the pioneer exponent of "Khayal Ang" on Sitar. He performs vilambit and drut khayal on the Sitar, replacing the conventional “Gatkaari”. He has made significant improvements in Sitar instrument as well, thus facilitating his Sitar for playing, not only classical, but any form of music on Sitar. This new Sitar in being popularly named as "Sanjaykhani Sitar" by the Sitar makers of Miraj, India.

In the year 1995, Sanjay was felicitated with "Late Trimbak Daji Joshi Puraskar" by Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalay, Mumbai, for securing first rank in Sangeet Visharad, with Sitar as subject. Honoring his contribution to Sitar, he was felicitated with the prestigious “Sardar Abasahib Muzumdar Puraskar” from Pune in the year 2002. He was also felicitated with “Sangeet Ratna puraskar” from Ganesh Festival Belgaum in the year 2007 for his contribution to the classical music of India.

Sanjay is also an accredited artiste of All India Radio. One can frequently listen to his radio concerts broadcasted from AIR Dharwad.  His Sitar concerts are regularly telecast on various TV channels like Panaji Doordarshan, Udaya TV and Chandana Channel (Bangalore Doordarshan).

His popularity grew world over because of his Hindi film classics played on the Sitar. He has been a household name in Maharashtra because of his Marathi film classics played on the Sitar.

His performance has been widely acclaimed by the famous artistes and critics as well. In his exclusive solo concert “ Ragas to Rock  Sanjay presents a variety of  music forms, from Indian classical khayal, old Hindi and regional film music, Indian folk and Rock fusion to the latest Indian Bollywood masala remix etc. which attracts all kinds of audience with great applause. His shows attract a great number of listeners in India and many countries abroad.



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