Sandesh Radio is a pioneer internet radio exclusively dedicated to pure forms of Indian Classical music like instrumental and vocal music, basically focusing on unexplored talents across the globe. Sandesh Radio is a non-commercial and non-profitable venture. It is presently the only radio station in the world dedicated to pure forms of Indian Classical Music.

Sanjay Deshpande is the founder of Sandesh Radio and a renowned Sitar player of India belonging to Gwalior Gharana. Being pioneer exponent of Khayal rendition, he is equally affluent in presenting various music forms on his 'Customised Sitar' such as Film songs, Bhajans, folk music, Jazz, fusion and Rock music etc. Being a graduate in classical music, he is honoured with many awards and has been performing in India and foreign countries regularly. 

Sandesh Radio is launched to promote authentic forms of Indian classical music to the world. At the same time, it is a free platform to showcase the talent for various artists currently without any monetary benefits. Internet Radio is a latest concept in the broadcast field where unlike the traditional radio, one can listen to the broadcast anywhere in the world using a device connected to the internet.

We welcome musicians from the Indian Classical fraternity to make use of this platform. Musicians may send their recordings to with a duration of not more than 30-45 minutes in MP3 format not exceeding 128 bit for free broadcast on Sandesh Radio subject to approval from our panel.

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Other OS users may click here for the Sandesh Radio – (Radio Garden) link to listen to Sandesh Radio through the web browser.


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